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YWCA Data Maps

Welcome to the YWCA Data Maps!

YWCA Data MapYWCA National Footprint of Women Empowerment Map

Showcases local, state, and regional impact of 200+ YWCAs across the country.

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YWCA Opportunity Zones Map 2020YWCA Opportunity Zones Map

Provides key information about the 85 YWCAs headquartered in Opportunity Zones across 33 states. Map aims to connect Opportunity Zones stakeholders with YWCAs serving Opportunity Zones residents nationwide.
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Features 200+ YWCAs and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) providing services nationwide. Map aims to connect and foster innovative partnerships between YWCAs and CDFIs to stimulate economic growth. Click here to view the map



Women, girls, and their families served by YWCAs headquartered in Opportunity Zones.


Women and children benefiting from prevention programs focused on sexual assault, trafficking, domestic violence and more.


Women and families benefiting from YWCA health, wellness, recovery and training programs.


Women and girls being empowered, advancing economically and becoming leaders through YWCA programs.


Community members involved in programs focused on eliminating racism.


Women and children finding security in YWCA housing, food assistance and immigration assistance programs.

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