Protecting & Supporting the Women Who Need Us Most

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, YWCAs are on the frontline serving more than 16,500 women, families and children across the nation.

At YWCA USA, we are dedicated to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable women and their families in our country. As we take on the pressures and programmatic changes brought on by the COVID-19 global pandemic, our reach, more than ever, is helping women, children, and people of color who are struggling with domestic violence, childcare, and housing.

Our local YWCAs are already feeling the impact of new guidelines, policies and regulations stemming from COVID-19. Our goal is to ensure that our local YWCAs can continue to deliver critical assistance as quickly as possible, including safe and sterile testing sites, childcare support, meals to children and families, and care and housing for homeless and elderly individuals. And, we are already planning ahead so we can adapt our services and be ready to respond to the needs of our communities as they emerge and rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Currently, there are more than  200 YWCAs serving 45 states and the District of Columbia, doing our best to meet these community needs. We are doing our best to continue attending to the needs of women and their families in the areas of domestic violence, childcare and housing —but we need your help. Please navigate to the areas below to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference.

Help us continue to do this work by contributing the COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Community Resiliency Fund.

YWCA Domestic Violence Covid 19

Combating the Recent Increase in Domestic Violence

During the COVID-19 pandemic, reports of domestic violence have increased significantly, as many victims are being required to stay home with their assaulters. To take action against this recent increase in domestic and sexual violence, YWCA is working tirelessly to provide safe and secure housing, crisis hotlines, counseling, court assistance and other protective programs. Such programs are designed to help survivors regain stability and rebuild their lives, which is essential for women and their families that were once financially dependent on their abusers. Learn more on the YWCA USA Domestic Violence page.

YWCA Childcare Covid 19

Providing Child Care Services to the American Workforce

Due to emergency school closures throughout the United States, many women, children and their families have been adversely affected by the lack of affordable childcare. Access to child care and early education is not only crucial for women’s successful participation in the workforce, but also for promoting child development and school readiness. YWCA is making an effort to provide relief to essential workers in sudden need of affordable child care by providing early childhood programs for thousands of children across the nation. This includes supporting legislation and federal funding programs to expand this important policy priority.

YWCA Housing Covid 19

The Housing Crisis During a National Pandemic

During this time, it is especially important to remember that “staying at home” is a privilege that is not available to everyone. We envision a future where we not only overcome racial and gender disparities but also reduce institutional and societal barriers to help women in transition access sustainable housing solutions. With great effort, YWCA is working to help women and families find and maintain safe, stable housing with services such as emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent housing and programs. To learn about how you can help our team fulfil the basic needs and security of women and families, please navigate to the Get Involved tab.

Thank you for your support now and in the future! You are helping YWCA remain on the front lines of response and recovery in communities across the country, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable children, women and their families

YWCA is serving the most vulnerable populations during COVID-19. Your donation helps us continue meeting critical needs at this critical time.

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