YWCA COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Community Resiliency Fund

Donate to the YWCA COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Community Resiliency Fund

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YWCA COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Community Resiliency Fund

Thank you for your support now and in the future! You are helping YWCA remain on the front lines of response and recovery in communities across the country, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable children, women and their families

YWCA is on the front lines of COVID-19 response and recovery. In this time of tremendous uncertainty and fear, our communities’ most vulnerable children, women, and their families continue to rely on us for critical services like healthcare, childcare, and shelter.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, local YWCAs face an immediate funding, staffing, and safety crisis that threatens their ability to meet the needs of women and children they serve. Many of the vital community programs YWCAs provide are at risk of disappearing as they face a complex and evolving set of challenges.

“What do we do when ill survivors come to the shelter after hours when the local health department is closed, and their hotline is not available?” - Anne-Marie Schwerin, YWCA Walla Walla

“…cleaning supplies are scarce and when we run out, we will have to close our shelter.” - Tanis Crosby, YWCA Silicon Valley, San Francisco

“All of us were sick to have to close the childcare because we know working families NEED IT.” - Stacie Blake, YWCA Lancaster

These are a few of many challenges our local YWCAs are facing.  In response to the outbreak, YWCA USA has launched the COVID-19 Relief and Community Resiliency Fund to provide emergency funds and in-kind support for COVID-19 preparedness, response, and recovery services, and to shore up critical housing, childcare, and domestic violence programs facing imminent risk of closure as a result of the pandemic.

The need for financial and in-kind support is critical!

Here are FOUR ways you can help RIGHT NOW:

1. Contribute to the COVID-19 Relief and Resiliency Fund

Funding will go toward $20,000 – $40,000 emergency grants for immediate, short-term operations needs for local associations facing shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2. Give to your local YWCA

The funding provided will help ensure the doors of our local YWCAs remain open so they can continue to safely serve the women, children and families in need.

Give to Your Local YWCA

3. Donate Essential In-Kind Supplies

Local YWCAs are in desperate need of essential supplies, such as grocery cards, cleaning and disinfecting products, and Children’s feeding and hygiene supplies.  Follow the link above to find your local association and send them the supplies they need most.

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4. Contact Your Member of Congress

More than ever, we need members of congress to voice the concerns of the communities they represent. Contact your representative to demand the inclusion of emergency relief for non-profits and community partners in the next COVID-19 relief/stimulus package.

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